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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

UK MEDIA SYRIA PROPAGANDA part 2: UK War Crimes In Libya Set For Syria, promoted by NWO Whore, Angelina Jolie

Here we see hypocrisy in its absolutely most disgusting form, disguised in compassion, which William Hague's party has a sickening record for despising and actively strives to eradicate from British society. It is a UK Government that makes no secret of its wish to abolish the Human Rights Act amid a cull and widespread displacement of its most vulnerable people back home. Yet, astonishingly, here we see its representative in Syria expressing a false concern over a Humanitarian crisis that his Government perpetrated. William Hague represents an abomination that will be recorded in history as having established a sadistically cruel record for inflicting a Humanitarian crisis upon its own people. Does this strike you as a man with genuine concern?  

Perhaps we should be reminded of the atrocities his Government inflicted in Sirte, Libya

When David Cameron's military chiefs expressed genuine concern, his responded with the rebuke... 
"Shut up. You do the killing. I'll do the talking".
Now, we are hearing exactly the same rhetoric from Libya being applied to Syria, and as of, 27 March, the Channel 4 News talking point in rounding off its week long Syria cover story is:

The very fact that the media has instigated a `debate' on this validates the globalist agenda and by default, it is us who endorses it, especially since the most predictable outcome is NATO intervention. I cannot bring myself to listen to the docile vampires on BBC's Question Time, completely oblivious of their own indoctrination by the likes of Channel 4 News.  History does indeed repeat itself, as we witness the Colosseum, filled with bloodthirsty vultures as they look to Nero to acknowledge the upturned and downward thumbs that will decide the fate of the victims in the middle of the arena.

NEXT: NWO Whore, Angelina Jolie and War Criminal, William Hague promote arms sales for another war and another attempt to establish a globalist Central Bank in Africa

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