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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Monday, 24 June 2013

The Day that David Cameron Sold the NHS to Goldman Sachs for Global Eradication of Expendable Containers & The Silent Media

Doctors to kickstart debate about charging patients for NHS care

An NHS logoIn a previous article in this blog, I tried to warn about the part the mainstream media played in this. On 15 March 2012, The Devil's PR man, David Cameron made a diversionary trip from Washington to New York to meet "Goldman Sachs" on Wall Street. On his return to the House of Commons a couple of days later, and true to his sadistic character, he gloated over the passing through Parliament of his hated NHS bill. Neither the BBC, ITV, or Channel 4 News reported on yet another outrageously overt coincidence by Cameron, especially since he has a particular fondness for flaunting his contempt. The original article explained how Cameron had just agreed a deal with Goldman Sachs to destroy the NHS beyond rescue so that it would justify bringing in private investors to rescue it for profit. Now, we can see this in action over a year later. Throughout this blog it has been demonstrated on numerous occasions how David Cameron has overtly invoked the Illuminati Hegelian Dialectic. In this way Cameron could kill many birds with one stone, and yet not one eyebrow of suspicion was raised over Mr Coincidences activities, only due to the mainstream media controlling the question, which is entirely the focus of this blog:

  1. Force everyone to `pay' for healthcare regardless of whether or not they can afford it. 
  2. Those who cannot afford to stay alive, simply die, thus killing off what David Cameron and his friends detest the most and in private refer to as `expendable containers', a waste on resources (which in time he will justify in the eyes of the traditionally malleable British public through the deceptive Divide & Conquer strategy). 
  3. Increase sales for Big Pharma, generating huge profits. 
  4. New and emerging genetically engineered viruses, toxins and chemicals to increase dependence on pharmaceuticals
  5. This would also address population control and a fully implemented `eugenics' program. 

This is what was really discussed during David Cameron's attendance at Bilderberg as a follow up to his meeting with Banking Terrorists, Goldman Sachs last year. It may also have been discussed at the recent G8 meeting in Ireland, billed as tackling "Global Poverty". Yeah right. Does anybody really believe these bastards are even remotely interested in helping the worlds poor, especially since they are currently engaged in plundering all the earths natural resources to sell to the poor, thus through natural genocide, wiping out populations of those who cannot afford to pay for it? 

Fellow Bilderbergers, I can convince the docile people of
Britain that humans are a waste on resources
Surprisingly, during the G8 meeting, the UK media did draw attention to poverty in Africa, particularly Guinea in WestAfrica, where `Crooks In Action' (a.k.a. CIA) have been in operation for years, following up on the devastation caused by their Economic Hitmen. Guinea has a huge quantity of Iron Ore, Oil and potentially Gold, and as with the vast poverty of the African continent, the people are ruthlessly exploited by the greed of the west, exercised by despots on their behalf. Coincidentally, this is why Gaddafi was deposed by MI5 and the CIA. He offered the African people vast wealth in exchange for such natural resources, which would have placed him in a better position to trade with the west. This was unacceptable, since Cameron and his buddies have expressed on numerous occasions, "Wealth on the poor is a waste". Gaddafi had the only remaining `National' Central Bank in Africa, after the conquest of Tunisia, Egypt and now Syria, the spoils of the latter which were discussed at the G8 to appease Russia. At this stage, I cannot reasonably comment on recent events in Turkey, since the Turkish people may well have an axe to grind against its Government. As events unfold and I know more, I may return to it. However, if Turkey has its own `National' Central Bank, then we can be absolutely certain that Cameron has engineered the same fate of the Arab Spring for Turkey. The overall aim is to establish an `African Central Bank' to be consolidated into an African Union, alongside the European Union and eventually a One World Government.

This interview was during the recent G8 summit. The original interview on ITV News was cut short following an alleged technical problem, where Cameron could no longer hear the audio. Conveniently, the technical glitch came just as Cameron was asked a critical question on Syria that he did not wish to answer.  He has established a record for doing this when faced with difficult questions he wants to avoid. And, most importantly, the former PR man had previously worked for ITV Carlton. This interview about Syria is a `cut & paste' copy of a very similar interview he previously gave about Gaddafi, as can be seen in my film. Compare the two, and you won't notice much difference. He constantly overdosed on the term `slaughtering civilians' when referring to Gaddafi. Yet, as the disturbing footage in my film shows, it was in fact David Cameron doing the slaughtering, deliberately targeting children, while he told his conscientious concerned military leaders to, "Shut up. You do the killing. I'll do the talking". It seems that Mr Cameron was echoing the sentiments of his mentor, Henry Kissinger - "Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."



The following film will shock you as it contains critical information that has been already known about by many of us for years. Having read Henry Kissinger's Iron Mountain Report, and the other documents referred to in this film, the report also includes the offer of incentives to Third World regions in exchange for reducing their population. These incentives came in the form of pharmaceutical experimental trials and corporate investment for slave labour. I believe that one of these trials included the Jonestown Massacre, a CIA operation, and of course, the AIDS virus, manufactured in a Rockefeller Foundation military lab and injected into millions of poor and starving Africans under the pretense of the Smallpox vaccination, which acted as a Trojan Horse to carry the AIDS virus. You can read more on my website:

If you think for one moment that the activities of David Cameron do not affect you or your particular country, this indifference may well leave you unprepared for the human carnage to come. Dismissing it purely as `political ideology' will indeed mark you as custodians of that carnage, since the word, `politics' is just a more socially palatable substitute for an acceptable level of `Evil', which we obliviously endorse every day, thus submitting ourselves to sacrifice willingly. This creature, David Cameron is NOT human since he exhibits such contemptuous resentment for the human spirit and human will, a will that he goes to great lengths to break and he is urging your leaders to do the same. We have already witnessed this in his unpublicized address to the United Nations. When he is not spending his time causing mayhem, such as the Arab Spring, then touring the region on his frequent arms sales tours, he is meeting with the leaders of your country, harassing them to enforce severe austerity measures, and to move much quicker in implementing radical and frightening global changes. This is why the world has changed so much in just 3 short years. This is why David Cameron is extremely unpopular among other world leaders, including Obama and Angela Merkel, since, while they may concur with him in accordance to the predetermined globalist agenda, some do not take too kindly to the pressure he exerts to radically increase the pace, often bullying and mocking his consorts with an overbearing sadistic enjoyment of human suffering. Information will be released in the future, revealing the shocking Truth about David Cameron that many will not be able to handle. Be prepared!

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