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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 23 June 2012

David Cameron dares to talk of "Morals". Mr Nasty's record on Morals...?

Jimmy Carr, Bully victim
Brave Jimmy Carr repentent
We should all realise by now how utterly sadistic, not to mention "hypocritical" David Cameron truly is. It is not a matter of political allegiances anymore. It is very much a human issue. His first step on being “unelected” was to ruthlessly attack the first victims of the recession, the most vulnerable, then scapegoat them. This is while heaping honours and rewards on his criminal rich buddies and celebrities, including Gary Barlow, whom he conveniently avoids mentioning while attacking comedian Jimmy Carr for Tax evasion.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to choke and fall off my chair to hear Cameron accuse Jimmy’s actions as being “Morally" Wrong. To hear those two words emanating from the mouth of Mr Malevolence himself would have caused angels to weep. 

David Cameron, morals
Morals? I don't have any
Gary Barlow exploited fool
Mr Cameron looking after his friends
Convenience and Coincidence were established trademarks of Cameron early on, along with viciously sadistic and cruel, as we shall see. One of his first trips abroad was while Pakistan suffered devastating floods, destroying and taking lives and displacing 20,0000 people. Cameron decided to choose the moment to make a timely visit India to blast Pakistan, branding it as a “Terrorist State”. The result was an immediate withdrawal of international and charitable aid and an almost total media blackout on the mass catastrophic suffering of millions. The only news there was, was either avoided or relegated beyond the reach of peak time. Instead, the media chose to focus our attention on the rescue of a bunch of trapped Chilean miners, whose high spirits and healthy wellbeing had already been established throughout, while millions perished in Pakistan. Then, as if that weren’t vicious enough, in another cruel blow, this was followed up by a further distraction to focus on a `Pakistani' cricketing scandal. Then, after licking his lips from dealing with the people of Pakistan, Cameron turned his attention to lust on the citizens of the UK, with a silent cull on the most vulnerable victims of recession. He embarked on a series of frenzied savage attacks on the poor, young, elderly, sick and disabled and terminally ill. Surely, this man and George Osborne can only be described as truly evil? However, since his term in office, with his PR experience he has gleefully managed to redefine the word "evil" to an acceptable level.  Cameron gloated triumphantly in parliament over signing the death warrant of the NHS upon his return from meeting banking terrorists, Goldman Sachs in New York. Despite this timely coincidence, not one dissenting voice was to be heard from the corporate mainstream media or anyone else. It seemed I was alone in yelling at the TV screen, pleading with someone to ask questions, even though he had previously visited Egypt after its initial revolution, with an arms team in tow to sell weapons to kill more starving Egyptians who’s Oil and Gold he had just stolen. Not to mention, repeating this timely gesture immediately after the capture and execution of Gadaffi in Libya after Cameron and former French President, Nicholas Sarkozy had bombed and slaughtered Libyan civilians in Gadaffi's home town, Sirte. Incidentally. Shortly after his personal delivery of arms to Egypt, Egyptian forces used them to shoot and kill Coptic Christians.
David Cameron and George Osborne evil
Cancer? Who cares. Just die and save us the resources
In the House of Commons, Cameron and Osborne mocked impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer patients when he stopped sickness benefits and viciously derided over 30 Cancer Charities who begged him not to target them. He savagely introduced a tax on charitable donations and only withdrew it after getting a hammering at local elections. This, along with the infamous “Pasty tax” was another attempt to test the water on the nation’s tolerance to pain, as we shall see. Although, the petty “Pasty tax” wasn’t so petty, once people finally realised the significance and the bigger picture. He ruthlessly attacks the disabled and the elderly, even robbing the elderly of their pensions. He recently announced the abolition of “free school meals for poor children”. He profits from peoples misery by setting up loan shark schemes, such as for his rich buddies and party donors, such as Adrian Beecroft, who also demanded a new law, allowing employers to sack employees without explanation, now put on hold. The only reason Satan’s PR man gets away with it is entirely due to his media background, so he can keep us all distracted and divided by causing us to blame each other through that age old strategy of “divide and conquer”. As his record shows, he is so cruel and sadistic, he gets off on watching people suffer. He even visited hospitals for publicity stunts, only to then go and destroy the future for the NHS by selling it off to his wealthy, greedy pals, as previously mentioned. He visited troops in Afghanistan, and then announced afterwards at "Christmas" that he wanted to cut their pay. 

David Cameron vicious jibes
Why isn't anybody talking to me anymore?
In order for his wealthy friends to rob us all by hiking up energy prices for huge profits, he sacked new employees in Solar Energy firms that would alleviate the pain of millions, and then insisted that the solar energy workers be sacked "2 weeks before Christmas". He had earlier rewarded the man who had started the raid on energy bills, `Sir’ Roger Carr with a Knighthood. If that wasn’t sticking the finger up to the British public, I don’t know what was. He announced plans to rob the elderly of their homes, dressing it up as "downsizing", again, timed for Christmas. He recently sacked disabled workers by shutting down Remploy factories, followed up by Works and Pensions minister, Iain Duncan Smith viciously sneering at and abusing disabled people. He turned his back on UK citizens trapped or kidnapped in unstable foreign regions and extradited British citizens to the US on petty crimes.  One of these citizens was mentally ill and another was an elderly man. All this, and much, more. This sick psychopath even spent £millions on commissioning a survey to measure peoples tolerance to pain. He blamed the economic crisis on everyone else and especially that tired old excuse, the last Government, when in reality it is a global crisis, caused solely by the banking elite, his buddies whom he is selling the rest of us off to. This was done through the banking elite offering incentives to countries to throw all their assets into a kitty, then lowering their value, while hiking up interest rates on their loans, only to steel all their resources, including human resources and national sovereignty as collateral reimbursement. See my film: David Cameron: The Rise of the Fourth Reich...” (Part 1, with parts 2 and 3 to follow).

David Cameron has no mercy
Screw the people

Today, it seems that Mr Cameron is increasingly alienating himself abroad too, since internationally, he is not well liked by other world leaders. It doesn’t help when he goes making sneering remarks, such as his recent jibe at the new French President, François Hollande and cruelly telling Greece to either get out of the Euro or pay up, while its citizens are committing suicide in despair.

However. As usual, I doubt this article will get published by the controlled mainstream media I usually forward them to, since they follow a remit of censorship on political issues, under the guise of "sensitive or allegiances", as an excuse for apathy on human suffering.

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