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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Britain's devastating Moral and Ethical Decline As Reflected By London Mayor, Boris Johnson

London Mayor, Boris Johnson characterizes Britain in 2012

In the past two years since David Cameron was unelected, the UK has plummeted in Moral and Ethical decline. And, to add insult to injury, we hear its sadistic Prime Minister apply his PR background to exploit his own heartless cruelty by "spinning" the term "Morals" for his own ends. Boris Johnson's heartless remarks typically characterize how low the UK has stooped in a catastrophic decline of compassion. The very thought that David Cameron could not possibly stoop any lower has now been abandoned, as he consistently comes up with new ways of inflicting more pain on the most vulnerable, upon which he has established a record for overtly gloating over. The thought that in just 2 years we had become a society that subjects Cancer suffers to cruel tests for eligibility for support would have caused national outrage not so long ago. Yet, we have a Government that has openly mocked impassioned pleas for mercy on Cancer patients and ruthlessly derided Cancer charities, then tried to impose heavy taxes on all charitable donations that would render charities no longer able to function. It is a Government that deliberately targets the sick and disabled and viciously mocks any plea for clemency and even abuses the disabled, as Department of Works and Pensions Minister, Ian Duncan Smith has done after sacking disabled people from their jobs at Remploy, only to be followed up by inflicting cruel penalties on them for being unemployed.

The media have failed to highlight the staggering record of suicides in Britain since May 2010. Now, many face "mass displacement" from next year, as David Cameron has imposed another sadistic policy to force people out of their homes and into slums and squalor. Mr PR is doing it under the pretense of a "housing crisis". Yet, Britain does not have a Housing crisis, except for those forced onto the streets by Cameron, and it was his Government that introduced a "Ban on feeding the homeless" in Westminster.

He is now fixing his sights on the elderly, threatening to abolish free medical treatment and forcing them to sell their homes if they want healthcare support. He has already abolished free school meals for children of impoverished single parents.

Does any of this sound familiar? It ought to. There seems to be a distinct pattern forming here that has been recorded in history before. Berlin 1932 - 1945, as mass displacement forced Jews and the weak and vulnerable into corals, where they could be gathered as easy targets for a mass eugenics program of genocide, later known as the holocaust. And, let us not forget David Cameron's friends and colleagues being exposed at Nazi parties and shindigs. Let us not forget his Home Secretary, Theresa May calling for "Human Rights to be abolished."  Her own party colleague, Tory Veteran, Kenneth Clarke even challenged her fabricated story to justify the move as preposterous.


How much further are we prepared to let this go on? Every single UK citizen seems absolutely oblivious to the critical condition that they have become infected with, "Apathy". Our silence is consent.

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