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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Friday, 1 February 2013

British Troops Are Going to Mali, Despite What David Cameron Said

British Troops Are Going to Mali, Despite What David Cameron Said

Is there anyone who will save the world from this sociopathic, sadistic lunatic?

Just a couple of days after announcing to Parliament that no troops would be sent to Mali, David Cameron goes and does the very opposite. Does any of this seem familiar? Another crucial question that nobody seems to be addressing is that while vulnerable and terminally ill people in the UK are in utter economic despair and subjected to cruel and vicious verbal abuse in Parliament by Cameron and Osborne, where is the money coming from that we allegedly don't have?

Death dealer

David Cameron, the travelling (weapons) salesman

If you have watched any of my previous films (see below), all this should indeed be familiar, since the Mali intervention is a repeat of recent history, when David Cameron had previously requested that the UK take on the role of the US in foreign policy. During the previous visit by President Barak Obama, to the UK, Cameron made it clear that he was determined to intervene in Libya and remove Gaddafi at any cost, even if it meant deliberately targeting civilians, including children, while using his familiar PR rhetoric to constantly overemphasize the word, `slaughter' in his sick attempt to blame Gaddafi. As a result, both Britain and France bombed Gaddafi's home town of Sirte relentlessly, despite the desperate concerns of British military chiefs, who Cameron rebuked, telling them to shut up, adding,  
"I tell you what, you do the fighting and I’ll do the talking".  

As a result of the bombings, countless Libyan hospitals and morgues were being filled with dead and horrifically mutilated civilians and children. (Please note that this link contains upsetting scenes) In addition to this, it wasn't long before the joint UK/French campaign to plunder Libyan Gold and Oil reserves that the former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed the Libyan leader at the Elysee in December 2007. However, it appears that the gift of up to £60,0000 to France wasn't enough and only served to expose the vast wealth of Libya, attracting the attention of David Cameron.

David Cameron says, "F**k you"
Can we really expect any voices of outrage or dissent to be raised against another of Cameron's familiar catalog of outright lies and deceit? He doesn't even exercise and cautionary discretion. He has established a reputation of saying and doing such malevolent deeds overtly, with the expectation that the media will back off, since he has vindictively and viciously engaged in a ruthless campaign to gain control of ever since his `selection' and installment in May 2010. David Cameron is a former PR man, (a.k.a. Spin doctor), so he clearly expects us NOT to notice such blatant deceit and lies, even to the point of taking great pleasure of shoving it right in our faces. Such arrogance only demonstrates not only his contempt for the most vulnerable in our society, but for everyone, whom he clearly views as too dumb.

UK deficit

Another clear example of his many overt coincidences and convenient timing is the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring. Shortly after setting in motion the events culminating in the instability in the Arab regions, the Liam Fox affair revealed that David Cameron was placed in power by the arms industry. Cameron went on to explicitly confirm this in the aftermath of the Egyptian turmoil when he arrived in the region on an arms sales tour with a team of arms dealers in tow. Today, we see a very similar pattern, only on this occasion, Dr Death arrives in the region with the head of MI6 in tow. Yet, even with the events in Mali, few will even have noticed and will have consigned it to the past, only to perhaps be raised long after the human carnage has been committed. Likewise, how easily have we forgotten the previous attempt to extend the Arab Spring campaign to Africa in the globalist agenda of establishing Central Banks in every region globally?  The Kony affair, promoted by New World Order whore, Angelina Joley fell apart once word had got out that the alleged ruthless African dictator, Kony had already died six years previously. Therefore, it is hardly unreasonable to assume that Mali is a second attempt, created by the False Flag incident, claiming an attack on British interests, notably BP. At this point, we must be reminded of Iran in 1951 and the involvement of BP in that particular crisis, in which the leader of Iran wanted to lower the cost of oil to his people, threatening the wealth of greedy bankers. As a result, the nephew of former US President Roosevelt was dispatched to Iran in a CIA operation to ferment revolution to overthrow the Iranian Government.

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