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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 30 July 2016

When The People are given the choice of the Lesser of Two Evils, They'll still Choose Evil.....

....Now we must ask ourselves, who created such a diabolical dichotomy?


The Engineering of Consent
Nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays a.k.a. Father of Public Relations and author of Propaganda


It is much more palatable to deny that Evil exists when viewed as a concept of religion.....  something to which we attach blame to for all the worlds conflicts.



The Movie Hillary Clinton tried to ban:




David Cameron, a sociopathic master of deception with 
a remit to implement social moral and ethical decline.

When people are faced with the Truth, they will retreat into denial and apply the derogatory term, "Conspiracy Theory" rather than admit that they have placed Lucifer himself upon the throne of the earth. Sadly, they believe that they are in control of their own destiny. This is a destiny that in the summer of 2016 alone the mainstream media has reported an alarming and dramatic increase in the abuse and murder of children in the UK. Such reports of the slaughter of infants have been so daily that we have almost become accustomed to it without us even being aware of it. This is largely due to distractions by other global events and incidents. Likewise, barbaric attacks on the innocents and their depravity throughout Europe have radically increased while the scale of such brutal attacks are mirrored in the U.S. The attacks in Europe and the Islamic regions are by people who seemingly had no interest in religion or politics and who lived perfectly normal lives. Those close to them including family members or those who knew them were shocked and surprised that these individuals had apparently been radicalized literally overnight.  These attackers also matched the profiles of those who carried out similar dramatically increased attacks in the U.S. The only difference was that rather than being radicalized, the U.S. attackers were apparently mentally unstable.

While all this is happening, the UK has an unstable Government and even more unstable opposition. Meanwhile, the U.S. has a choice to either `elect' as their next president a depraved far right extremist or a known depraved criminal with a record for murderous corruption. With such parallels, who could be so blind not to notice a distinct pattern?  Patterns require `order'. Order requires a new social pathway for our destiny. Also, given the extent to which their seems to be a deadline to which `we' are being socially conditioned, why hasn't anyone asked, "Who or what is choreographing all this?" The answer may be that we have not been given enough time to ponder our fate.

As this blog has so often prompted us to cast our minds back to how we have changed in the short period since 2010, one thing should be abundantly clear. There has been a frightening decline in human morality and ethics. The only reason it has not caused mass social panic is because tiptoe totalitarianism has subjected us to the strategy of the boiling frog syndrome. For instance, who could have anticipated a savage and sadistically cruel crusade against the poor, sick, disabled and terminally ill as recent as ten years ago? Who could have anticipated an alarming rise in suicides due to such a diabolic eugenicist agenda? What is much worse is that in the six years since 2010, society has adapted to rationalise such human carnage to the point of justifying it.

So, who is responsible? We have reached a stage which not so long ago in our past would have been unprecedented and too frightening to contemplate. However, the assassinations of the Kennedy's during the upheaval of the 1960s ought to have been a warning to prepare us. The only reason it did not is entirely due to each generation being indoctrinated through the infiltration and corruption of youth culture.

As to who is responsible for giving the U.S. a choice of two evils, the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have one thing in common between them besides being `radicals', or if they were to wave guns above their heads, they would be described as fanatical terrorists. They are both Warmongering degenerates, with an objective to generate division, fear and hatred.  Both Bill and Hillary Clinton are members of the ultra clandestine "Council On Foreign Relations (CFR)". Donald Trump is a Freemason and is likely to have been chosen at the occult ceremony of the elite at "Bohemian Grove" or "Bilderberg" meetings.

Ironically, while this socially engineered insanity incrementally progresses, only a lunatic could conclude that the pattern of the abomination described above is a "Conspiracy Theory". We can only take refuge in a conditioned response for so long. Meanwhile those who challenge me will never even have heard of the "Hegelian Dialectic"or terms such as "False Flags". There is a tale behind the popularity of the zombie movie genre.

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