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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Saturday, 29 December 2012



There are many questions about the origins of Freemasonry, and there seems to be much confusion, perhaps intentionally. At this point it is important to stress the distinction between what masons believe and what is historically recorded. Although, it is worth noting that even that is confined to academia, and any thought beyond these realms are not socially acceptable. This demonstrates the depths of the controlling mechanisms that provide our conditioned view of the world. However, this is subject for one of my previous articles. In the meantime, I will try to give a brief explanation and hopefully some clarity to the initial subject of Freemasonry here. Since this is only in draft form, I may elaborate further at some stage later, or if you wish, please feel free to post any questions you may have. However, the motivation for writing this particular article is only due to an encounter I had recently, which for me is not uncommon. Members of the Masonry and other such secret societies often introduce themselves or make themselves known, sometimes suspecting that someone else might be a fellow mason. Non-masons are referred to as `Profane'. However, this has no connection to "profanity" or of taking God's name in vain. Most people would be unaware that they are being acknowledged in some way. It is `not' limited to the masonic grip when exchanging greetings. This may be an invitation from a lodge or an indication to a brother mason that someone should be invited to join or an acknowledgement that some deed has been accomplished. Exchanges between masons can often be identified if familiar with them. I know Freemasons who are unaware of my knowledge of their membership or of their position of ascension. Some lodges are more overt in their communications, such as the Ivy League Yale fraternity, Knights of Eulogia (a.k.a. Skull and Bones), who recruit through tapping influential Yale university students. Other signs indicate to other members that a person may have significant influence in society. Politicians and historical figures also overtly indicate their masonic commitment with the hand placed across the chest, either underneath their tunic or outside it. Napoleon, Mussolini, Stalin and Winston Churchill are just some examples. Although, Churchill is thought to have turned his back on Freemasonry early in his career. This gesture is an indication of the "hidden hand". Certain gestures, words or phrases during conversations and social gatherings can almost identify what is transpiring unbeknown to others. It is a matter of recognising and identifying certain patterns. This can also be applied to predicting future events. Think of it as a social template, expanded into a wider commune.  Freemasons and associated cabals believe they are privy to the mystical arts. We unwittingly use masonic language, terms, words, phrases, gestures every day, since these have been indoctrinated into society, our culture and our everyday lives. We obliviously encounter masonic monuments and designs in what we perceive as our normal lifestyle. It is through the creation of a global community where everything is habitually taken for granted through various cultures and ideologies that has allowed the Illuminati to flourish, since they have society conditioned and controlled. This is what made the Freemasonry so attractive to the Illuminati for infiltration in 1776, granting them access to all governing and regulatory institutions, such as Academia, Science, Clergy, Law, Banking and Media etc. At any point, they can claim to have given and have a right to take away, hence the global situation we find ourselves in today. I hope this provides a clearer understanding of the term, `order'. Society is accustomed to this, so it helps to be in a position of standing outside as an observer, where we can identify certain patterns and predict how they will develop.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

HMIP Care Report: 'Distressing' Findings

This really is disturbing. It seems that children today are increasingly being treated as `products' on a damn assembly line, either for sick perves or being pimped for the likes of Sony by Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh for corporate paedos. The entertainment industry is increasingly sexualising kids to make them more appealing for corporate gain. If we don't do something now, we are in danger of being conditioned to accept this as an acceptable but unfortunate symptom of modern society, if we haven't already. If we do this, how much more human carnage are we prepared to accept tomorrow in David Cameron's "Apathetic Society".  We already see the will of the human spirit being broken at airport security in the US, where children are being fondled and groped by the TSA, while helpless parents are subjected to intimate body scans. Wake Up!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Just Another Patsey - Connecticut, Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings

 If We Don't Wake Up To The Madness, We Become The Madness 


Yet another mass shooting in the US. Another False Flag to Disarm Resistence to the NWO. Now, the Globalists are getting so desperate, it is too damn obvious. When someone gets so desperate, they become careless and obliviously reveal their hand. Any good poker player, chess player or military strategist will tell you that. Yet, over the next few days the media will be churning out the same recycled script we've all heard before. Unfortunately, most mainstream media journalists don't have a conscience.

Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged


The Sandy Hook `Actors' playlist

Banking Elite "New World Order"

"How many Manchurian candidates does the Rockefeller's have on the assassin assembly line?" What people observing from outside the US have got to ask themselves is, "Why does the US seem to be the only country that seems to have an almost `cultural tradition' of lunatics arming themselves, with the specific purpose of going out to anywhere there is a public gathering and massacring as many innocent people as possible?" Let's just pause for thought on that, and take stock of the record in just 3 years. We need not speculate on why this happens, when it is so overtly obvious. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms, adopted on December 15, 1791. It's purpose was a provision for the citizens to protect themselves and their property against enemies, "Foreign and Domestic". Since the greatest threat to the every US citizen today is tyrannical Government, which serves only the interests of the Banking Elites, since they own the Government, the people MUST, as a matter of duty and responsibility defend themselves against a domestic threat. Therefore, to disarm the people from protecting their God given rights, the private foreign bankers must create multiple situations to justify disarming the people. Are we to seriously believe that seemingly ordinary American's can flip at any moment and decide on impulse to go out and murder en-mass as many people as possible over a grudge or disagreement? If so, then potentially every American is a lunatic. They ought to be, considering countless efforts to subdue them with Fluoride, Big Pharma, Chem-trails and Mass Media. However, with the overnight deployment of drones, as a social, incremental conditioning strategy, implementing or activating remote controlled humans on the ground ought to be easy, especially since the cash card or cell phone is only a step away from becoming the embedded chip. I had already predicted some years ago that the Embedded chip will be marketed as a trendy fashion accessory. In the meantime, the CIA programmers make do with hypnotic trigger words, such as that which activated Mark Chapman to murder John Lennon. The most dangerous weapon Chapman was armed with that day wasn't a gun. It was a paperback copy of Catcher In The Rye. Sirhan Sirhan was activated in a similar way to shoot Bobby Kennedy. However, the CIA obviously didn't do their research very well, since not only did Sirhan respect the Kennedy's, his manufactured motive for killing RFK was the Palestinian cause and how his Muslim brothers were being oppressed. The only problem with that is Sirhan Sirhan was NOT a Muslim. He was a Christian and swore on the Holy Bible during his police interrogation.

No tears for drone victims. But then again, we don't often hear about them. Drones coming to a home near you. When I first heard about `drones' being used in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, the first thing I found myself asking was, "How did this happen?" Apart from my initial disbelief, I thought that the script for "Terminator" had somehow found its way into the newsroom. Not surprisingly, those who denounce `Conspiracy theories' are the same folks who defiantly protest that they cannot be controlled, yet they are the most malleable. How many will swallow Obama's fake tears? 

The James Holmes Conspiracy

Friday, 14 December 2012

Anti-monarchist Morrissey blames royal family for death of hoax call nurse

Although royal engagements are probably planned well in advance, the queen and prince Philip chose to go ahead with their visit to the Bank Of England to survey their Rothschild Gold, plundered from Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and soon Syria, by David Cameron. They obviously didn't anticipate how it might overshadow the death of this poor girl and consider postponing their visit as a mark of decency and respect so soon after her death. Instead, we had the standby default response to the death from the royal press office. Although we may never know exactly why this poor nurse decided to end her life, it seems clear that her superiors put extreme pressure on her for taking that phone call. So, why aren't they being hauled up to answer for her death? Perhaps it is because they may reveal that the hospital received outrage from the palace at what should have been regarded as a good matured prank. We have just recently heard how vitriolic the queen can be after it was revealed that she was outraged over radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri being granted `human rights'. And, given their strong Nazi ties, why should they give a damn about a peasant colonial nurse from India.

Sunday, 9 December 2012


I have been interested in the Mysteries of The Bermuda Triangle since being a kid, reading books by Charles Berlitz and rushing home from school to see Cosmos, hosted by Carl Sagan, whom I came to greatly admire. Unsolved mysteries captivated me and I had an insatiable appetite for thoroughly investigating further. If something didn't quite seem right and there was cause for doubt, it niggled me, so the search to uncover fact or fiction was paramount and highly stimulating. Learning to trust your own instinct develops naturally and it never let me down in my pursuits. Like many I had my own theories about what was causing ships and aircraft to mysteriously disappear in what became known as "The Devils Triangle". One early theory was that it was Atlantis resurfacing to claim the living. This might explain the phantom land mass. Although admittedly, this was in the imagination of a kid.

There are natural explanations too. For example, a combination of methane and salt water eliminates buoyancy, causing anything on the surface of the water to plummet straight to the bottom of the ocean. Methane can be filtered through cracks on the ocean floor, caused by earthquakes or slight eruptions.

As a 15 year old, reading about the Philadelphia Experiment, also known as Project Rainbow, this provided another possible explanation. I remember even writing to the American Consulate, requesting info on US Naval Intelligence Ops during WWII. In July 1943, the US Government was interested in finding a way to make ships vanish, without being detected by radar. The destroyer U.S.S. Eldridge arrived at Delaware Bay for a Naval Intelligence experiment. According to eye  witness, Carlos Allende, the Eldridge vanished completely. It apparently reappeared moments later in Norfolk-Newport dock for just a few minutes before returning, with horrific results on the crew, causing the project to be immediately shut down. Although, there has been some speculation on the authenticity and credibility of Carlos Allende (aka, Carl Allen) as a crank and disinformation agent, he communicated extensively with astronomer, Morris Jessup, author of The Case for UFOs (1955). Jessup came to believe in an elaborate UFO conspiracy involving two races of aliens. Allende heavily annotated a copy of Jessup's book, causing Jessup to become increasingly obsessed and confused by their correspondence. The navy later had  Allende's version of the book published. However, despite their best efforts, neither Jessup or the Navy could ever track down the mysterious Carlos Allende. In April 29, 1959, Morris Jessup was found dead in his own car, apparently from suicide by asphyxiation.

Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle.
Meanwhile, four years after the alleged Philadelphia Experiment, in July 1947, the scientists working on the project had been reassigned to the Roswell UFO incident, where an object is said to have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in June or July. The same objects witnessed over the Bermuda Triangle area are similar to those seen in Area 51. Working alongside these scientists were former Nazi doctors and scientists, rescued from WWII Nazi war crimes prosecutions, and transferred to work in projects in the US under Operation Paperclip. This was to prevent the Russians seizing them first, which suggests, premeditation. However, that's another story. Among the German experts was "Wernher von Braun". It was von Braun who developed NASA and the Apollo missions later. As mentioned in previous articles, "Apollo" is the Greek name, "Apollyon" for the Hebrew, "Abaddon", meaning the "Destroyer", a demonic deity that Freemasons are introduced to upon reaching the 17 degree of masonry.

When the Nephilim and fallen angels/titans (Hollywood) were expelled from heaven, they built structures on the earth to replicate their place in paradise, all pointing upwards in alignment with the structures in heaven. The stars may serve as a map to that place. There is a configuration between certain points on the earth, connecting the pyramids, which may match a celestial map. This is what I suspect might be going on in Area 51, hence its ever increasing expansion. The technology behind HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) shows indications of a pattern, modelled on that of what is going on in the Bermuda Triangle. When aircraft or ships pass over a certain point, they may be crossing the path of a cylindrical signal, connecting the point of one pyramid to another in another dimension. Since they get caught between this portal, the natural, living energy in humans is dragged through it at the same time, since matter cannot be transported through it. There is theological evidence of fallen angels replicating the place they long to return to. "The Tower Of Babel" is just one example. Lucifer and his legions are known for such impersonations. In the Book Of Enoch, these fallen angels disobeyed God by mating with human women, hence planting the seed of Satan, which has corrupted humanity ever since. They approached Enoch to ask him to act as an intermediary to God, to appeal their case and to be allowed to return to heaven. God refused, since they too had become unclean and turned to flesh. However, upon seeing that Enoch was a righteous man, God took him and transformed him into the Metatrone, an angel who serves as the celestial scribe. Metatrone loosely means, "Beyond the Matrix" and is associated with Sacred Geometry.

The Consequences Of Submission

Apathy submits us all to be damned, and the first act of submission is an oblivious sacrifice of the next generation.

Save The Human Spirit. Love Is Not Love If You Love Only Those Who Love You.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Denial Is The First Act Of Submission

If we are prepared to accept child abuse as an unfortunate symptom of modern society today, how much more are we prepared to allow ourselves to be incrementally socially engineered tomorrow? How much of our souls have we obliviously sacrificed yesterday? Human carnage is only a day away. Selfless love, compassion and forgiveness is an eternity and our natural state of being and all that we can willingly sacrifice is that which has corrupted it. If we see an infant as adorable and beautiful today, why do we view it so differently tomorrow?

Stop making excuses. The career ladder is not a measure of success in life. It is a deviant and despicable distraction of a dysfunctional human soul.

Sunday, 2 December 2012


Satanic Cameron and Osborne
Mocking mercy for Cancer sufferers
Try to imagine what addiction is like or the ultimate arousal. This is what David Cameron gets off on. He has SPD (Sadistic Personality Disorder). Not only does he enjoy inflicting pain. He'll sacrifice anyone and anything to get it, even his own child. Remember how he exploited the illness and death of his child during his election campaign? He still does this today at every opportunity to rationalise and justify his sadistic cruelty to children. By its nature, the objective of evil is to redefine it, where "Evil is Good, and Good is Evil". Cameron is a former PR man and he uses this most effectively. We've heard him brazenly hijack the the term, "Morals" and redefine it for his own sick, sadistic pleasure. The media will NOT focus on this because they are terrified of him.  We have already witnessed the consequences they suffer for crossing him. Nick Clegg is so frightened of Cameron that he became a chain smoker, loses sleep and is close to a nervous breakdown. Of course, this won't be revealed until much later, when Clegg writes his `tell all' book. We already know that even the Generals were frightened of him when they expressed concern about dropping bombs on innocent civilians in Sirte, Libya. He outrageously hijacked the term, "Witch Hunt" when it is exactly what he embarked on from the moment he was unelected and placed into power by his arms dealing, bankster and corporate buddies. Don't be surprised if Philip Schofeild's career goes down the toilet in the near future. We watched him hijack the paralympics to justify the vilification of the disabled with the aid of his friend, Seb Coe. We saw him hijack the Jimmy Savile sex scandal to justify the vilification of the BBC. Then, he saw an opportunity to overshadow his party being involved in paedophile rings by using the exact same strategy to twist the knife in and vilify the BBC again. What are the chances of BBC's Newsnight screwing up twice in a row, all within a short period of somebody new taking the top post at the BBC? Mr Transparent cannot be exposed fully because he blocks the media at every attempt. He knew Andy Coulson was involved in dirty tricks. That's why he hired him. Cameron's intelligence and security advisers would have thoroughly checked him out as a matter of protocol, not to mention being a former PR man himself, he would have been fully aware of the tactical involvement. Expect Coulson and Rebecca Brookes to walk free, with a hefty payout. He knew the best way to get back at the BBC was to hire a former BBC editor, Craig Oliver, to replace Coulson. Now, he has hijacked the Leveson Inquiry because it didn't go his way, once again, heartlessly spitting in the faces of victims. People have got to wake up and be fully prepared to completely focus on all Cameron's coincidental conveniences. The pattern cannot be ignored. He is so utterly self confident that he insists in shoving it right in our faces because he knows he can get away with it.

If we want to be rid of this abomination, we have to be prepared to take the place of the mainstream media. We need to ambush this bastard and his demonic legion at every opportunity.

Politics provides us with the means for making excuses for evil, thus we interpret it to justify our view of the world. If anyone views this as a "Political issue", then they are complicit in Human Carnage by denial.

Just take a good look at the world around you now. Apathy and Compassion Fatigue has eroded our very souls since 2010. We MUST be more aware of what is happening to us.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

15 March 2012, The Secret Meeting and The Day that David Cameron Sold the NHS

First the Elderly and Terminally ill. Now sick babies go on death pathway: Doctor’s haunting testimony reveal show children are put on end-of-life plan

Financial TerroristsAfter Vindictively Seizing Control Of The Media and now the Press, Who Will David Cameron Sacrifice Next? When the most evil creature on earth, British PM, David Cameron fought to get his hated NHS Bill through Parliament, which would bring an end to the NHS, he vowed to destroy the NHS if he didn't get his way. Cameron has a well established record for being vindictive.

On the 15 March 2012, he diverted his trip to Washington to go to New York for a clandestine meeting in Wall Street with financial terrorists, Goldman Sachs. This visit was just a couple of days before his bill was passed. He returned to gloat triumphantly in the House of Commons. He has just sanctioned the death of the NHS, bringing his eugenics program forward.

The mainstream media failed to cover Cameron's visit to Goldman Sachs, which is why he is determind to gain total control of it, following the failure of CFR member, Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB on Cameron's behalf. Since then, the former PR man has employed a former BBC editor to replace the disgraced Andy Coulson. To gain control, Cameron habitually destroys from within, hence his concerted efforts to discredit the BBC, after planting George Entwistle in the BBC for 54 days to exploit and manipulate the Jimmy Savile sex scandal. This would explain Entwistle's huge payout, as a job well done. David Cameron's Conservative Party notoriously and traditionally despises the BBC. Now, Mr transparent is going after the press.

However, I digress. Given that Cameron has established a reputation for being so arrogantly overt, it is reasonable to assume that his "timely" visit to Goldman Sachs was to negotiate the sale of the NHS, promising huge profits by selling lives. To this aim, the NHS has to be discredited and destroyed in order to justify its sale. Killing babiies, the disabled and terminally ill has become a symptom of David Cameron's agenda for an "Apathetic Society".

Undoubtedly, some may view this article as far fetched. However, before forming such a judgement, I strongly urge you to watch my films and previous articles and posts. I have been extensively researching my subject for over 30 years, since aged 15. I would also ask that you look at the evidence to date. This is NOT a political issue. Viewing it as such only serves to distract us from Human carnage. It may be too late to realise it tomorrow.


Friday, 30 November 2012

Darwinism debunked and the `New World Order' religion

The New Age - (The Enemy Of Christ Exposed) - For Witnesses

No doubt some may bypass this film upon seeing its title. Unfortunately, the ignorant and indifferent cannot be educated.

The film describes how the evolution theory was propagated through hoaxes. The term, "Big Bang Theory" itself was originally attributed as a mockery of Darwinism. However, in spite of this exposure, academics and the scientific community have remained unrepentant and today children are still taught the fabrication in schools as truth, while religious studies are increasingly driven out. While at school, I would always look forward to rushing home to watch Carl Sagan's TV series, Cosmos each evening, and he soon became a hero of an adolescent schoolboy, whom I still admire today.

Charles Darwin reached the pinacle of his work toward the remaining years of the Victorian era. It was an era preparing for the new century and Darwin contributed much more than he perhaps anticipated, since it was due to his work that the Eugenics Movement arose, fueling systemic fanatical racism and giving rise to Adolf Hitler, almost sixty years since Darwin died in 1882. It was also an era in which Victorians were obsessed with the occult and supernatural, as a favourite pastime, the elite classes often entertaining themselves with seances.

In my previous blog and Facebook posts, I have discussed my belief at length that this is integral to an esoteric agenda, with New Ageism being prepared as the New World Order global religion, as developed through Alice Bailey's "Externalisation Of The Heirarchy", which includes the gradual omission of God from education. To this aim, all mainstream religions must be infiltrated and discredited, thus creating mass disillusionment. Islam is the only remaining stumbling block due to its devotion to God, and in more recent times, even the relatively peaceful doctrine normally associated with Buddhism has been ruthlessly infiltrated and corrupted, with Buddhist ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Burma, (which incidentally followed strategic visits from British Prime Minister, David Cameron, a conveniently unobserved  and unreported consistent pattern since 2010).

Academia was the first of the Illuminati infiltrations through Freemasonry. We can see this incrementally evolving today, as New Ageism grows and is perpetuated by the likes of David Icke. Icke's intentions may be well meaning. However, perhaps oblivious to himself, he is part of the Illuminati dichotomous strategy of manipulation and deceit. While Icke is to be praised for his work, his followers are exposing themselves to grave deceptions. Unfortunately, over the years, Icke has contradicted himself so often in his exploration. Although, this may be simply attributed to the development of his research, Icke does not attempt to address his own contradictions. However, what he has done is to reveal his own vulnerabilities and uncertainty, something his followers may wish to evaluate.  David Icke is a proponent of Zeitgeistism, which dismisses or challenges the origins of Christianity. In exposing himself to spiritual influences, he channels entities from which he claims to gain his knowledge, otherwise known as Spiritual Guides. He identifies some of these spirits, but admits that he does not know many of them. The New Age teaching to which he aspires originates from Helena Petrova Blavatsky, the occultist who founded "The Theosophic Society". Satanist, Aliester Crowley was influenced by her and loyal to her teachings, and her work was essential reading to Crowley's followers. Incidentally, David Icke has also followed in some of the same footsteps as Crowley did in his spiritual research. 

Among Crowley's disciples was Alice Bailey, also a devotee of Madame Blavatsky, as she respectfully became known as. Bailey was commissioned to develop the "Externalization of the Hierarchy" from 1913 - 1920 and was appointed in preparation for WWI, which were the first steps towards a Global Government with the formation of the League of Nations, which later became the United Nations.  Those who recruited Alice Bailey were the same people who set up the corrupt Federal Reserve and stole Free Renewable Energy from Hungarian scientist, Nikola Tesla to sell for profit. David Icke, an advocate of Bailey has claimed that he has channeled Alice Bailey as one of his spiritual guides. She went on to become the founder of the publishing company for the UN, the "Lucifer Trust" in 1920, renamed in 1922 to "Lucis Trust", to avoid unwanted attention. Other notable disciples of Crowley include, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology.  The writings and work of Helena Petrova Blavatsky were certainly not new. She was greatly encouraged by high society figures to commit exhaustive research into the occult as the timing was right in historical terms, in relation to my previously mentioned patterns of developed thinking. Like most Illuminati scholars and philosophers she studied and developed the mystery arts and religions, otherwise known as the Kabbalah. I should point out at this stage that this is were Freemasons base their mythical origins from, or more precisely, around the legend of King Solomon. He had been bestowed with authority over both angels and demons, whom he summoned and extracted knowledge from and who granted him favours at his command, which enabled him to defeat his enemies. I have elaborated more on the connections between Freemasonry and Zionism in another article devoted to Freemasonry.

In conclusion, it is NOT my wish to discredit David Icke, since I support and greatly admire his work myself. However, in the past he has exposed himself to ridicule, which demeans our overriding objective to completely unveil and destroy the Illuminati and its diabolic intentions. While the merits of his popularising a reptilian agenda may hold ground, it also serves only to sabotage our battle against evil by making a mockery of our efforts. There are some things that people are just not ready for yet. At the very least, he should have avoided making the reptilian issue such a dominant feature of his work. It would seem that over the years, David Icke has been vulnerable to being manipulated and misguided. He has alluded to this himself. I am in no position to discourage anyone from following David Icke, and I certainly would not wish to. However, I would advise extreme caution, as none of us are immune to the deceptions of darkness. Nobody is infallible and the flesh is weak.  Lucifer is a master of deception. He is extremely good at it, since it is his nature. It is his art, and from the moment he was cast upon the earth, we became his canvas.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

(Draft extract) Hollywood: Its Seizure By The CIA, Witch Hunts, and The Plausible Alien Agenda

(Please note: This is only a draft extract from another article I am currenly working on)

The character of Superman originates from the romantic Hollywood portrayal of the Titans. The Titans are regarded by modern society as Greek mythology, and so is treated as just that, myth. Hollywood perpetuates this in the Illuminati ongoing control of the history books being fed to countless generations and passed onto our children. In my previous articles on the Illuminati, I explained how the overall objective of their Kabbalist doctrine was to infiltrate every single aspect of society, the Freemasonry being the ideal vehicle in which to do this in 1776, thus creating their first nation and re-establishment of Babylon, the US, as a base.  By consuming all aspects of society, this includes our education system, from which everything we think we know and take for granted comes from, e.g. professions/career, our culture, religion etc. This is why those who we may refer to as, `sheeple' disavow and denounce `Conspiracy theories'. This is perfectly understandable, since `fear' is what controls us. People instinctively defend what they have become accustomed to and has essentially become part of their lives and lifestyle. To put it bluntly, the real battle is for control of our consciousness/souls. They have incrementally being doing this for some time. Some have asked me why would they wait this long? Why wouldn't they just take us. The answer to this is our free will. We have to submit to it. Three hundred years is only a few minutes to the devil. Two thousand years is only a day. He has an eternity. With the illuminati consuming all the earth's natural resources, human resources is only a step away. So, we must act today.

However, I digress. I have already written at length on Hollywood and the character of Superman. The Greek myth of the Titans tells us how Zeus cast the Titans upon the earth. It describes them as being giants and possessing super human qualities. By viewing it as nothing more than mythology, it detaches and reduces its relevance to the Holy Bible, thus subduing us to treat the bible as myth. Genesis relays the real events as the Titans being fallen angels cast out from heaven upon the earth, where they were thrown into the abyss. They were the Nephilim, sons of Anak, fallen from heaven and against the commandment of God, took human women and had intercourse with them, thus planting the seed of their tempter, Satan.  Hollywood re-tells this story in a variety of versions and is not limited to Superman. There is a more in-depth discussion on this in my dissertation. The Aliens Sci-Fi horror series, including a significant element in Alien V Predator, and of course the more recent, Prometheus are much more overt in their portrayal of the Bible.

It is also for this reason why I believe that the sinking of the Titanic (titan, sinking into the abyss) was an Illuminati ritual. I shall go into the connections to other historical Illuminati rituals, including 9/11, in the complete article later.....