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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

ALERT: Transparent Cameron intent on another war, copying Thatcher for a staged False Flag incident with Argentina

David Cameron must have been pretty inept in his previous short career as a PR man, while trashing restaurants during his Bullingdon days in Oxford. Every move he makes is predictable. Every staged event or photo op, obvious. However, who would have anticipated that he would go so far to emulate his heroin, Margret Thatcher, by staging an `Argentine' threat to the Falklands. Cameron really does seem to think the people are that dumb. However, on this, he may be right, since the Brits still cannot seem to grasp how transparent this deluded, sadistic sociopath is. They buy every spoonful of the scripted corporate mainstream garbage on cue at the same time every evening, rather than choose alternative media sources. Little wonder all the advertisers compete so aggressively for those ad breaks at the same time every evening to further program the loyal robotic sheeple. 

Don't be surprised over the coming few days or weeks if we hear of fake acts of provocation from Argentina, as Cameron ruthlessly prepares to stage another False Flag to get his war. Nobody will bother to Google or do their own research to reach the truth about the countless documented, now declassified history of staged "False Flag" events. Few of them will ever have heard of the Hegelian Dialectic, which typically explains what is being played out. Instead, they'll be too busy stepping on their friends and colleagues, trying to grab that job promotion or pay rise before the daily routine of rushing home to plug themselves into the flat screen to download the latest disinfo program to their cranial hard drive.

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