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The Will of the Human Spirit
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

UK MEDIA SYRIA PROPAGANDA part 1: Selling Another Libya

  UK Channel 4 News has devoted a week covering the humanitarian crisis in Syria. In the past I have been highly critical of Channel 4 News political bias. Although, admittedly in this past couple of years it has adopted a more independent approach. However, it is still not immune from fabricated news and actively participates in it, albeit perhaps to a lesser extent than its rivals

If anyone was to argue that their view of the world is not formed by what they hear and read in the mainstream media, then they are self-deluded and arrogant, since their lifestyle confirms their daily programming, even if they do not watch TV or read newspapers. Furthermore, the convenient chronological omissions from the Channel 4 News cover story on the Syrian crisis reveals exactly how the media has caused us to forget how the so-called Arab Spring began in relation to its `convenient timing', the latter term representing the familiar character of its main protagonist, David Cameron. How easily have we forgotten the events that followed immediately after 10 May 2010? Tunisia was the first to experience instability, with off-peak and (censored) independent news reports verifying the presence of British Special forces in the region. Following a meeting with President Barak Obama in Downing Street, David Cameron was prematurely expressing his enthusiasm for going into Libya and removing Gaddafi, and as my films demonstrate, we already know the horrific consequences of that overtly sadistic action. It is not difficult to imagine that Obama was in London to restrain Cameron and stick to the program and deal with Egypt first, especially since Cameron had been given his long awaited new toy and like a spoiled brat couldn't wait to play with it, as America had to take a back seat and hand the console to Cameron, since Obama had to fulfill a timetable of withdrawal. How many of us can recall the names of the deposed alleged dictators of Tunisia and Egypt and what became of them? Again, this demonstrates the role of the media in distracting us from asking crucial questions. If reinforcement of this were needed, we need only refresh our memories on the Liam Fox scandal, which lifted the lid on how David Cameron was `placed' in power by UK arms manufacturers, which subsequently resulted in the timely instability of the oil and gold rich Arab regions. And, if it couldn't get any further shoved into our faces, Cameron arrogantly and overtly flaunts a delegation of arms dealers upon every follow-up visit to each fallen nation. If this wasn't a blatant display of "Screw You" to the citizens of the UK, then it is difficult to imagine what else could be. 

However, a point I strongly feel it crucial to consistently make is that David Cameron can always rationalize his wanton malevolent barbarity through justifying that it is done in our name, since by default we do not object and copiously defend our indifference by our endorsement of media distractions from any association. Therefore, a position we may be faced with one day is that whether or not we believe in a divine being, we may all be judged collectively.

NEXT: Channel 4 News interviews UK War Criminal, Foreign Secretary William Hague

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